His Kingliness Features Jeffrey Joey In Albarku Song

His Kingliness Ft. Jeffery Joey - Albarku

His Kingliness Dadi Obed popularly known as King Daddi O, is a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, a song writer, a music producer, studio engineer, broadcast Engineer amongst others.

As a minister of the gospel, he has a strong desire for spreading the Word of God through one of his God’s giving talents which is music. He is set to drop his third album titled ‘NASARA’ out of it is this single ALBARKU.

Albarku which means BLESSINGS is a song inspired by the Holy Spirit to express the true character of God and the expression of His personality in those who are born again

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Na yi bankwana da talauci,
Na yi bankwana da azaba

Allah haske ne
(God is light)
Ni ma haske ne
(I’m also light)
A gare shi babu duhu
(in him there is no darkness)
A gare ni babu duhu
(in me there is no darkness)
Tun da na sadu da Yesu
(Since I met with Jesus)
Na yi bankwana da duhu
(I bid farewell to darkness)
Na yi bankwana da talauci, masifa, azaba duk sun dare
(I bid farewell to poverty – adversaries and pains)

Ni dan sarki ne mai sarauta kuma mai hatimin Sarki
(I’m kings kid, reigning with the seal of the King)
Ni mai albarka ne (I’m the blessed one).

Eai…. Albarku Allah suna zubowa
Suna zubowa a kaina
(Eh eh the blessings of God are pouring upon me)
Eai eee.. Albarkun Allah suna zubowa kamar yeyefi
(Eh eh the blessings of are pouring like dew)

Ni Dan gata Cike da Ruhu mai Tsarki
(I’m the favoured child filled with the Holy Ghost)
Babu irin sharri da za ta iya sha kaina (There’s no evil plan that can overwhelm me)
Maganar ka fitila ce mai haskaka ko’ina
(Your word is the light that shines my path)
Ta na haskaka tafarkina, ta na tsare ni daga masifa (it shines my path and protect me from all troubles)
Tun da na sadu da Yesu (since I met with Jesus)
Sai murna da farin ciki (only happiness and joy)
Alherinsa da yardansa ai duk na gani (His grace and favour is all I see)
Ya daidaita komai (He settled everything)
Komai dai dai ne (And everything is well)

Na yi bankwana da talauci,
Na yi bankwana da bala’i
Na yi bankwana da azaba,
Na yi bankwana da masifa

Na yi bankwana da talauci,
Na yi bankwana da bala’i
Na yi bankwana da azaba

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